FFDC at Candance

boca raton, fl

CanDance 2018 Results

Title Holders

Riley Walsh:  Jr Mister CanDance
Brenan Gonzalez:  Teen Mister CanDance
Tatiana Nunez:  Senior Miss CanDance

Runner Ups

Justin Ramich:  1st R/U Jr Mister
Alexander Thomas:  2nd R/U Teen Mister
Nicholas LaMaina:  1st R/U Teen Mister

Teen Overall Solo

9th:  Alexander Thomas (Mental Break)
8th:  Nicholas LaMaina (From Far Below)
7th:  Nicholas LaMaina (I’ve Got Your Love to Keep Me Warm)
5th:  Brenan Gonzalez (Found)

Senior Overall Solo

9th:  Tatiana Nunez (Herman’s Habit)
6th:  Tatiana Nunez (Stimulation)
2nd:  Tatiana Nunez (Anthem)
1st:  Tatianan Nunez (Claire de Lune)

Teen Overall Duo/Trio

2nd:  Japanese Denium:  Tatiana Nunez & Brenan Gonzalez

Junior Overall Duo/Trio

3rd:  A Wink and A Smile:  Justin Ramich & Gabriela Thomas

Special Awards

Hero:  A Dose of Inspiration and Junior Overall Costume Award
Alexander Thomas:  Smooth
MIlana LaMaina:  Crisp, Clear, Clarity
Riley Walsh:  Shirtless and Talented
Nicholas LaMaina:  Tall and Talented
Nicholas & Brenan:  Courageous Choreography
Tatiana Nunez:  The Many Faces of Tatiana         
Justin & Gaby:  Fred & Ginger Special

Improv Solo Winners

Tatiana Nunez, Nicholas LaMaina, Riley Walsh