Young Dancer Program Ages 3 – 6 Years

BTC (Ballet, Tap and Creative Movement) is a class designed specifically for 3 and 4 year olds. Students will learn basic ballet technique and vocabulary; basic tumbling and basic tap terminology and technique in a nurturing environment. Creative movement games and activities will be incorporated to strengthen the understanding of technique and terminology, all while helping to develop fine and gross motor skills. 

BT (Ballet & Tap) is a class designed specifically for 5 year olds. Students will learn proper ballet technique and vocabulary and tap fundamentals. Creative movement activities are also used to support technical training and vocabulary. This class is structured to teach interpersonal skills and group dynamics while fostering self-confidence.

BTJ (Ballet, Tap & Jazz) is a class designed specifically for 6 year olds. Students will learn ballet technique, tap fundamentals and jazz dance basics. This class is structured to give students a well-rounded dance education and will prepare them for all of our level 1 technique classes. 

Technique Classes Ages 7 and up

Ballet technique focuses on placement, ease of movement and musicality. Careful explanations of exercises and theory help students to use the ballet vocabulary in a simple, practical way. Exercises at the barre prepare for more complicated rhythms and combinations in the center.

Pointe technique takes the practices of ballet technique and places them en pointe. Students must have permission of the instructor to be registered for any pointe class. Students must have had previous ballet training and be a minimum of 12 years old to be considered for placement in these classes.

Tap technique explores rhythm, syncopation, and musicality. These classes will consist of warm-ups followed by stylized movements across the floor and aggressive, funky, rhythm oriented combinations.

Jazz technique will focus on elements of weight, rhythm, and sharp movement qualities. These classes begin with a center floor warm-up, continue with isolations, and end with across the floor exercises and contemporary combinations. These classes will combine hip-hop, fast paced funk, classical jazz and lyrical movements for a well-rounded jazz dancer.

Modern technique is the study of various practices that work with balance, direction and momentum, release of the joints, and individual expression. These classes are designed to prepare the dancer to move fully through space, to use personal expression, and to develop an awareness of self.

Contemporary Lyrical technique strengthens the body and focuses on interpretation and musicality. Exercises include ballet and jazz positions, stretching, coordination movements, turns, jumps, and floor work. Freeing and joyful, the dance style takes its inspiration and moods directly from the music, bringing its roots and emotions into the choreographed movements. Students enrolled in this class must be enrolled in both ballet and jazz classes to be eligible.

Hip-Hop class focuses on a combination of three main elements in hip hop dancing, popping, locking, and break dancing. Class begins with a warm-up in the center, progresses through isolations and end with a combination. Teachers focus on incorporating rhythmic qualities of music into the dancers’ body as well as learning to "follow the leader"; as there is no real defined technique for hip hop dancing. The emphasis is on finding a comfort zone for the dancer and teachers encourage individuality and confidence in movement. Dancers enrolled in hip-hop classes are encouraged to train in jazz dance to become a well-rounded jazz/hip-hop dancer.

Specialty Classes

Acrobatics class will focus on agility, coordination and balance. Class activities will include floor tumbling, acrobalance & handstands. This class is great for those who already have a good level of general fitness but want to work on building solid core strength. The class will introduce you to the very basics (like stretching and floor tumbling) leaving you the freedom to build on your newfound skills as you choose. Acrobatics is a great way to get super fit and toned. We are Acrobatic Arts Certified.

Latin social dance class includes a wide range of dances originating in Latin America, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Examples include the Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Samba, Salsa and Merengue. This class allows you to be a part of the Latin explosion in today's music and culture! Learn the skills and moves that everyone loves to watch on the dance floor. Partners will be switched frequently during each class. With this class you will earn the basic rhythm and footwork and elements of style, lead and follow technique, and while building confidence and a foundation for progression. Students will have fun learning the male and female role. A partner is not required to register for this class.