Mission Statement

That’s Dancing strives to maintain a dance studio that gives individual attention and proper technique training to students in a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

We believe that a dancer is a product of his/her teachers. The development of a dancer is paralleled through the relationship of expert and professional teachers and their association with their students. 

Dance Session Time Frame

August: Dance session begins

September: Studio Closed for Labor Day

October: First Observation for session
(refer to calendar for specific dates for each studio)

November : Fall Newsletter distributed Studio closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

December: Costume Payments are due in full Studio Closed for Winter Break
(Same as Palm Beach County Public School Schedule)

January: Fusion Force Dance Company annual performance

February: Second Observation for session (refer to calendar for specific dates for each studio)

March or April - Studio Closed for Spring Break
(Same as Palm Beach County Public School Schedule)

April: Spring Newsletter distributed Dance Gala tickets go on sale
Dancers get photographed in costumes
All Dance Gala related merchandise including DVDs goes on sale.

May: Last tuition payment for session is due

June: Annual Dance Gala Performances

June/July: 6 week Summer Session and Daytime Dance Camps in session 

Dance Gala


Dress Rehearsal

  •   Dress rehearsal schedules are distributed in the month of November.
  •   Dress rehearsal starts with the finale and dancers are able to leave after their last scheduled dance according to the dress rehearsal program order

  •   Dancers should wear full costume, stage make-up and appropriate assigned hairstyle to dress rehearsal.

  •   All costumes, shoes and accessories should be labeled with the dancer’s first and last name.

  •   Dancers should sit with their class in the auditorium while waiting for their act. Seats will be labeled accordingly.

  •   Parents should not block the aisles or sit in designated student seating.

  •   Students are free to leave after they have finished rehearsing their last dance.

  •   All students must be chaperoned at Dress Rehearsal.

  •   Food and drink are not permitted in the auditorium at any time. All food and drink should be enjoyed in the lobby or outside.

  •   Flash photography is not permitted during dress rehearsal.

  •   Videotaping is only permitted in designated rows. 

General Attire Guidelines

  •   Students must wear appropriate dance shoes and attire to class.
  •   Please label dancewear and all dance shoes with dancer’s name.

  •   T-shirts and shorts should be worn to class as a cover-up but are not permitted in technique class.

  •   Hair must be pulled off the face and shoulders. Ponytails and buns are appropriate hairstyles for class. Students should not have to re-do hair during class time.

  •   Jewelry of any kind is not allowed in class. Staff is not responsible for students’ belongings. All

    jewelry should be left at home.

 A limited selection of leotards and tights are available for purchase at the front desk along with various dance accessories.